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Project F 90 / © transbanana

Transbanana produces designs, concepts
and studies for spaces, mainly
in the fields of architecture, research and urbanism.

Transbanana stands for new ways of doing and
new forms of design in urban and territorial areas.
Complex themes and research questions can be transformed into real projects.

New ways of creating means there is no tabu
in using new tools
in our discipline to reach the right goal.

Community processes, urban development processes,
urban memory, participation processes, public space,
political urbanism and architecture as well as
(post)colonial urbanism, transformation processes,
spaces of conflicts in general and
borderspaces are the fields of interest.

Originally, Transbanana was set up in Graz (Austria) in 1997 by Margarethe Mueller, Bernd Vlay and Paul
Rajakovics. In 2000 it transformed to
transbanana - Margarethe Mueller and went through another transformation process from 2001 to 2008, where transbanana worked together with Walter Kletzl as partner.

Transbanana is based in Vienna, however, the working space of transbanana is everywhere. This everywhere contains the real and the virtual world.