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Trieste / Italy 1994
Urban Study
“Urban Strategies for Trieste”

Nowadays the old harbour for conventional goods is hardly used, but in its central position it is a barrier between the city and the sea. The intervention takes this in consideration and has worked out an overall-infrastructural concept for Trieste on the bases of the proposal for the old harbour:
The “City Catalyst” is situated like a link between the old grid town Borgo Theresiano, the railwaystation and the sea. It includes a re-organisation of the Piazza Liberta’ with the special aim to bring the Piazza back to the sea by: (1) a “Negativpier”, (2) the “Parco Rosso”, a lunapark which is bathed into red light at night and (3) “Isola”, a very dense hotel and offices island.
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