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100 x 100
A Borderlinewalk
through Gorizia's/Nova Gorica's space-time
project orientated Research - Border Space
EU external Border - Spremembazione III
Realization 2000

For this project I walked the border between Gorizia/Nova Gorica (at that time the EU external border which divided Gorizia/Nova Gorica and by that Italy and Slovenia). From North to South I took 6 photos every 100 steps and documented the border space and the history of those living directly at the border. The jouney concluded at the city's southern edge after (by chance) exactly 100 x 100 paces.

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100 x 100 - A borderlinewalk through Gorizia's / Nova Gorica's space-time_transbanana work
© transbanana / Margarethe Mueller
100 x 100 - a borderline walk through Gorizia's/Nova Gorica's space-time - Margarethe Mueller©
Image: Excerpt from "100 x 100 - a borderlinewalk through Gorizia's / Nova Gorica's space-time": Point 38 to 45 - The house, which does not need a fence - or - Living on a peninsula
Spremembazione III - © transbanana / Margarethe Mueller 2018