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North Korea .. ...External Borderline in River Han..........................................South Korea

Demilitarized Zone - North Korea / South Korea
Workshop: Seoul - South Korea 2000
"Floating field - Soccer stadium for World Cup 2002"
Capacity: unlimited

For the Football World Cup 2002 a soccer stadium was proposed precisely on the borderline between North Korea and South Korea floating on the River Han. According to the agreement between North Korea and South Korea from 1953 "the waters of the Han River Estuary shall be open to civil shipping of BOTH sides wherever one bank is controlled by one side and the other is controlled by the other side". This means it would have been legally possible to use the space “in-between”.

In the River Han we chose the site with the narrowest point of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) which is only 700 meters wide. Therefore, people from both countries could easily join the event. The idea was that people could view the matches from the shoreline, from the air or the river. In the River Han North- and South Koreans could come together, MERGE together, as they are both allowed by law to use this "neutral" space. Forbidden communication would have been possible, although there may have been some heated discussions about boat collisions due to overcrowding on the water.

38th Parallel - Korea DMZ
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