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Gorizia - Nova Gorica - 2 different maps of the divided town - © transbanana
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Spremembazione - Super 8

Gorizia / Nova Gorica (Italy/Slovenia)
Project orientated Research
Realization 1998
"Super 8" - Spremembazione II

"Super 8" is the second in a series of urban interventions initiated by transbanana since 1997 in the divided city of Gorizia / Nova Gorica. The project was made by Margarethe Mueller / Paul Rajakovics / Bernd Vlay. These interventions are set, with respect to architecture and urbanism, in the sphere of experimental research and attempt to expand the definition of "urban planning" by including the conflicting parallel existence of everyday life.

The urban intervention Super 8 (1998) responds to the previous intervention Spremembazione I (1997), as well as to the city's current divided condition and attempted to sew together the two different political, historical and cultural parts.

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transbanana tv - Project Super 8 / Spremembazione II - Gorizia/Nova Gorica - © Margarethe Mueller
Image: transbanana TV at work - Project Super 8

"Super 8" - Spremembazione II

Transbanana invented transbanana TV for their direct psychogeografic intervention and made a film with 8 (+2) residents from both sides of the border. The entire film project was the intervention, not only the screenplay, directing, editing and montage, but also the SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTION and presence IN space. This specific construction emerges from the specific psychogeography of the divided city and was created like a PING-PONG.

Part of the specific construction and film was the development of a new program, a new sport: EU-Outerborderline-Badminton ©. The World Premiere of the game took place across the EU outer border fence at the divided Piazza Transalpina on 23.09.1998.

transbanana TV -  Project  Spremembazione - Super 8: EU-Outerborderline Badminton - World Premiere - © transbanana

EU-Outerborderlinebadminton© across the EU external border at Piazza Transalpina in Gorizia / Nova Gorica. 1998.
In front: Slovenia - in the back: Italy
Project Spremembazione - Super 8
Image: transbanana

The trauma of the divided city were reconfiguered into a space of potentials.
Spremembazione - Super 8  - Text by transbanana
Spremembazione - Text by transbanana
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