Arnfels /Austria
Children's Home - Residental Community
Realization 2006 - 2008
"Villa Up and Down" - Pro Juventute Sonnweg

Children's Home for 13 (+ 1) children of the Children's Charity

Association Pro Juventute

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Villa Auf und Ab - Kinderheim Pro Juventute Arnfels - Ansicht - © transbanana
Villa Up and Down - Children's home Pro Juventute Sonnweg - Arnfels
House opening & house warming party: 30.05.2008 - Image: © transbanana
Kinderheim Pro Juventute - Villa Auf und Ab - Arnfels - © transbanana
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The “Villa Up and Down” is a new house for 13 (+ 1) neglected children in South Styria.

It consists out of 3 elements:
- an inner courtyard: the Red Heart
- a carer corridor of power (Betreuerschaltstelle)
- the yellow Livingband

The Red Heart together with the carer corridor of power is situated in the middle of the house, the rest of the "livingprograms" wrap as Livingband around these 2 elements up. Therefore, the topography of the site is embraced optimally: the slightly hillside situation supports the wrapping concept.

Villa Auf und Ab - Kinderheim - Konzept Diagramm / ©transbanana

As a result of the successive wrapping up of the Livingband,
- level by level -
and because of the numerous connections of the different levels into the Red Heart, as well as because of the (not yet mentioned) shortcuts, a building is designed with many connections, ways and spaces of experiences and adventures.

An always Up and Down through the difference of the floor levels is locating the inhabitant always to different altitudes. One is not living in a house with a ground floor and a first floor connected by one staircase, but one is living in a LANDSCAPE with stairs, and spaces of fluent transitions. Analogous we could give this house only one name: VILLA UP AND DOWN.

Kinderheim Pro Juventute Arnfels - Villa Auf und Ab - Innenhof: das rote Herz - © transbanana Kinderheim Pro Juventute - Villa Auf und Ab - Wohnband - © transbanana
Villa Up and Down: The Red Heart
Image: © transbanana
Villa Up and Down: Livingband
Image: © transbanana
>> Ground breaking ceremony: Friday 30.03.2007 at the site
with Imaginary House-Tours ©
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