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EU Outer Borderline Badminton and EU external border in 1998 - ©  transbanana - Margarethe Mueller 9
EU Outerborderline Badminton:  Game 2 - © transbanana / Margarethe Mueller
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EU-Outerborderline Badminton

1. (Hi)story
6. Rules
7. First record
8. Current World Record
9. Try to break the record!

10. 2019 - Brexit?
11. EU's First Temporary Star ©

But knowing the (hi)story of the game
one should also know about the future:

According to its 6 rules the EU-Outerborderline Badminton
can be played at any point along the EU outer borderline and every man, woman and child is called upon to set a new record!

So, come on, take part on this fascinating new sport. By trying to break the record you might need a permission for the event, you need to fulfill the 6 rules, you need a video documentation of the Badminton game and 2 honorable witnesses.

An amazing experience will be your donation.

break the record - EU-Outer-Borderlinebadminton

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