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This new sport, developed by transbanana in response to the border situation and the psychostructure of the divided city Gorizia / Nova Gorica (Italy/Slovenia), was played for the first time in 1998. In most sports there is a winner and a loser. Here the goal is to set a common record by propelling the shuttlecock across the border as many times as possible within one hour and without touching the ground. During the world premiere in 1998 the first world record with 28 bordercrossings was established and was sent - accompanied by its own set of rules - to the Guiness Book of Records in London. ............
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EU-Outerborderline Badminton

1. Story

6. Rules
7. First record
8. Current World Record
9. Try to break the world record!

10. 2020 - Brexit?
11. First Temporary Star in/out EU

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